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Car Air Conditioning Training 1 Day

City & Guilds 7543-01-001 handling refrigerants (1 day) £295 + vat

"LEVEL 3" Certificate in Mobile Air Conditioning SYSTEMS


This 1 day City & Guilds certificate in "Safe Refrigerant Handling for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems" (MACS) course is the first of 3 modules making up the City & Guilds 7543 Mobile Air Conditioning qualification. It has been specifically designed to provide the knowledge, training and qualification necessary to satisfy EU legislation in the mobile air conditioning market. It is designed for anyone involved within the automotive industry including mobile mechanics, independent garages, main dealerships and motor manufacturers and enables technicians to carry out refrigerant recovery activities in a safe, professional and legal manner.

This unit can be taken on its own with no need to complete further modules. It is recognised by the UK government and meets European Commision standards 307/2008 permitting persons to handle flourinated gases which ensures they are appropriately trained and possess the "F" Gas certificate.

Upon sucessfull completion the City & Guilds 7543-01-001 Level 3 Certificate in Safe Handling of Refrigerants for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (MACS) is awarded. At the time of writing this award lasts a lifetime and has no renewal stipulations.

Our instructors are all City & Guilds approved and have extensive theory and practical experience within the automotive market. They are actively involved on a daily basis within the industry and can offer invaluable advice and tips to all candidates. Start up business information and marketing advice are also freely available whilst on the course. They deliver training at a speed suited to the individual candidates pace and can accommodate specific topic related requests to ensure maximum benefit and learning. All equipment used during the training course can be purchased to ensure smooth transition when back in the workplace.

This 1 Day course provides training on either a Fully Automatic Refrigerant Management station or Portable equipment.


  • INTRODUCTION TO AIR CONDITIONING:- What is air conditioning and its functions
  • THE BASIC PROCESSES:- Heat transfer, Latent heat / Sensible heat
  • PRESSURE:- Gauge Pressure, Pressure Gauges, Pressure/ Temperature relationship
  • THE REFRIGERATION CYCLE:- Compression, Condensation, Evaporation
  • THE REFRIGERATION SYSTEM:- Refrigerant Circuit, Components
  • REFRIGERANT STATE AND CONDITION:- Liquid / Vapour / Sub-cooled
  • LUBRICATION:- Oils PAG / Ester / Mineral
  • THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:- Compressor Clutches, Pressure Switches, Thermostats, TXV systems, FOT systems
  • REFRIGERANTS:- Health & Safety, First Aid, R12 & R134a
  • ALTERNATIVE REFRIGERANTS:- Blends, hydrocarbons, Drop In replacements
  • THE OZONE LAYER & GREENHOUSE EFFECT:- Ozone Depletion, Global Warming
  • REGULATIONS & LEGISLATION:- Environmental Protection Act, COSHH, Health & Safety at work regulations
  • SERVICE EQUIPMENT:- Purpose & Operation
  • SERVICE PROCEDURES:- Refrigerant Identification, Recovery, Evacuation, Charging, Leak Detecting
  • PRACTICAL EXERCISES:- Preparation & Precautions, PPE, Health & Safety, Initial Testing, Performance test / Recharge


  • Mechanics
  • Technicians
  • HGV Fitters
  • Auto Electricians
  • Engine Remapping Specialists
  • Car Valeters
  • Smart Repairers
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishers
  • Windscreen Repairers
  • Business startup entrepreneurs


The 1 day City & Guilds course will provide all candidates with the essential theory and practical knowledge required to competently and safely work on mobile vehicle air conditioning systems utilising a Refrigerant Management Station. It also ensures technicians, employers and employees meet their duty of care under COSHH regulations. It also enables all candidates to comply fully with current F Gas regulations in place throughout the European Union. If you are not qualified you should not perform the role or purchase / handle refrigerant legally.

This course is suitable for candidates looking to provide an air conditioning service using fully automated service stations.


We are centrally located near to Retford Nottinghamshire 2 minutes' drive from the A1 at Markham Moor. We have a modern workshop premises fitted with all the required tools, equipment and automatic charging stations to service automotive air conditioning systems.


Several hotels and B & B's are located within the area. A full list can be provided upon request.


The cost of the 1 day course is £295 + vat (£354). This includes hot and cold drinks, Lunch and Full certification upon successful conclusion. Courses start at 9am and aim to conclude no later than 4pm.

For any further information or enquiries to book a course please contact us on the number below or visit the website for further information.

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