Why Do I Need To Be Qualified?

city and guildsFrom July 2010 it became the law that anyone working with any Mobile Air Conditioning system (MACS) should hold a current and valid EU F-Gas qualification as set out in the governments "Statutory Instruments 2009 No. 2194 Environmental Protection" white paper.

Only personnel possessing one of the qualifications will be considered legally qualified to  take delivery, handle and recover refrigerant gases as listed in the legislation.

The qualification is for those already practicing in the industry, for those whose aim it is to enter the industry and for any responsible person who is required to work on vehicle air conditioning systems.

Recent amendments came into force in January 2015 making it illegal for suppliers of refrigerant to sell or distribute to anyone unable to produce a current and valid refrigerant handling qualification.

The main areas that will effect the motor sector are:

  • Training and certification of refrigerant handlers.
  • The handling of refrigerant cylinders.
  • Efficient recovery of A/C system refrigerant during servicing, repair work and dismantling (scrap yard workers).
  • Taking delivery of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases, E.g. HFC R-134a.
  • Anyone working on Vehicle A/C systems.

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