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business opportunitiesLooking for a change of career or just want to earn extra money?

Autokool can provide the training and equipment to enable you to set up in business in what is a very lucrative market.

We will provide honest advice and can pass on valuable experience to help you reach your maximum potential.

Vehicle air conditioning and the recharging / repair market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the motor vehicle repair market in the UK. AUTOKOOL can help YOU get started in your own recharging / servicing and repair business, or provide everything you need to add our services to your existing business.

Why is vehicle air conditioning and its repair market such a fast growing sector in the UK today?

For over 25 years vehicle air conditioning has been available as an option for some cars entering the UK market. In the last 5 years there has been a dramatic change whereupon customers purchasing new vehicles are expecting vehicle air conditioning to be a standard feature. Some cars particularly without AC fitted are proving very difficult to sell and their value is decreased considerably. All systems require regular servicing and such maintenance is generally not carried out during normal service procedures unless specifically requested or offered. A persons car is generally the second largest asset after a house purchase. In the current economic climate vehicles are being maintained rather than sold in order to protect their valuable investment. Over 98% of all new vehicles entering the UK market have air conditioning fitted as standard with in excess of 18 million cars already on the UK roads today having air conditioning.

Technicians who service vehicle air conditioning systems and also conduct repairs can earn from £150.00 to as much as £400.00+ a day.

Some companies ask £18,000 + to buy a car air conditioning franchise. AUTOKOOL do not sell expensive franchises which restrict may your ability to grow your own business. AUTOKOOL offer support and proven working techniques to help make your new business become profitable very quickly.

A new vehicle air conditioning business or add-on to any existing business?

If you run your own business, why not consider adding vehicle air conditioning as an additional stream of income. We work with a range of companies that simply add this service to their existing portfolio. Some examples are listed below:-

  • Auto electricians
  • Car valeters
  • Smart repair services
  • Tyre Fitters
  • Alloy Wheel refurbishers
  • Engine Remapping Specialists
  • Windscreen repairers

AUTOKOOL have also put together a range of start-up business packages to suit all budgets. We have listed below some of the benefits of working closely with us:-

  • Market leader in vehicle air conditioning
  • Reputable and established company
  • Highest quality products
  • High quality marketing materials
  • Website / Brand design service
  • Supply of professional equipment
  • National lead generation campaign
  • Nationwide training programme
  • Ongoing technical support

If you are considering starting or adding a vehicle air conditioning business but don't really know what to do next.......take the next step and contact AUTOKOOL NOW!

Call 07811 062809 to talk with one of our helpful staff or contact us by email through the get in touch form.

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